C<sub>21</sub>-510 Threaded Cartridges (250mg) w/o Re-Chargeable Pen & USB Charger

C21-510 Threaded Cartridges (250mg) w/o Re-Chargeable Pen & USB Charger

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Now it's even easier to modulate your endocannabinoid system anywhere! Introducing our line of CBD cartridges with NO additives, NO glycols, and NO glycerines. Only organically produced, steam distilled, cultivar specific terpenes and Hemp Isolate! These cartridges are borosilicate and stainless, made with a ceramic coil and no glues, are 510-threaded and can easily attach to any vape pen or battery box. This is one of the most discreet and manageable ways to consume on the go. 

  • NON-psychoactive
  • NO THCa or THC
  • NO Additives
  • NO Glycerines
  • NO Glycols
  • Infused w/ Cannabis Terpene Profiles

Ingredients: 250mg of CBD and cultivar specific terpenes.

Net Vol.: 0.5mL
Includes (1) 250mg C21 Cartridge Only