Myconol <sup>TM</sup>

Myconol TM

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Introducing the first release from our nootropics line, Myconol TM. Our phytochemical complexed nootropic formulation for daily usage is an adaptogenic oral spray delivering 4mg of CBD/spray. The first product of its kind, we've coupled the incredible properties of cannabidiol (CBD) and USDA Certified Organic Lion's Mane, Cordycep, and Turkey Tail mycelium and fruit body extracts into a highly bioavailable water-based spray that provides convenient and easy on the go usage with consistent dosing.

Total Product Volume: 25mL

Cannabidiol Concentration per Bottle: 1000mg 

Ingredients: Lion's Mane mycelium and fruit body extract , Cordycep mycelium extract ‡, Turkey Tail mycelium and fruit body extract ‡, water, alcohol, myceliated brown rice ‡, ascorbic acid, and cannabidiol.
‡ denotes Certified Organic
Certified Organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture