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We are pleased to be able to introduce our first batch of RAW Organic Hemp Rosin!!! Produced in Colorado from organically cultivated CDA licensed greenhouse grown hemp. Every batch is 3rd Party laboratory tested and is Farm Bill Compliant. LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE

SOLVENTLESS and SOLVENT-FREE are not the same... SOLVENT-FREE means there are no measurable amounts of residual extraction solvent remaining in the product. SOLVENTLESS means that NO SOLVENTS were used in the extraction process. Our RAW Solventless Hemp Rosin has been manufactured utilizing only mechanical separation techniques to provide the fullest spectrum of phytomolecules possible to heighten your CBD experience!

Solventless Hemp Rosin

  • CBD Concentration: 34-55%+ (Batch Specific)
  • Phase (Appearance): Viscous oil, soft semi-solid 
  • Source Material: Organic Greenhouse
  • Δ9-THC Content: <0.3% w/w
  • Terpenes: Native Profile, no re-introduction
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All batches and representative data are relative to the specific Batch Identification Number. For assistance retrieving a specific BIN please contact

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NOW AVAILABLE IN 1.0 gram & 3.5 grams!

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