• Where does your CBD come from?

Our CBD is solely produced from sustainably grown organic Colorado hemp that has been registered and approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We never outsource production, or purchase raw materials from any European suppliers. It is 100% US domestically produced!
  • Do any of your products contain THC?

All of our products contain absolutely NO THC. This molecule is the chief substance most commonly associated with the euphoric (high) feelings while ingesting/consuming cannabis, and is generally referred to as a psychoactive substance. During the distillation and isolation process, all THC that was naturally occurring in the hemp as it grows is removed, leaving only CBD. This in turn means that all of our products are non-psychoactive, as CBD is a non-psychoactive substance.
  • Is there residual solvent in the crystalline isolate?

There should only ever be one answer to this question, and that is NO. As classically trained scientists, it makes absolutely no sense to be content with any standard of minimal concentration present in a sample. We test at multiple points in the manufacturing process to assure that batch after batch is rendered to a quantitation of 0 ppm, as verified by third party analysis. Our isolate is held to a manufacturing standard purity of >99.7% before it is qualified to be of sufficient purity to be infused in to other products or be sold as a standalone product.

  • What's the difference between the "Slab" and "Pulverized" forms of isolate?

There is NO difference technically! It simply depends on one's preference and what you're intending to do with it. Pulverized is easier to infuse into other products only because of the increased surface area to weight ratio, but given sufficient time and adequate mixing, slab form infuses the exact same. When it comes to analytics only the large crystal formations contain residual solvent (>200ppm generally), and it's relatively easy to render batches solvent-free when isolation and crystallization is done appropriately.

  • Shipping & Order Fulfillment

We currently ship to 49 of 50 states & all US territories as well as over 200 countries worldwide. Currently our only exception is South Dakota due to their current legislation in regards to CBD.

Generally, orders are processed and ready for shipping within 24-72 hours after receiving them. This timeframe is contingent on many factors, but we strive to have orders handed off to the shipping currier within the first 24 hours after processing is complete. We ship utilizing multiple curriers to not only help facilitate the quickest turnaround, but also to help minimize costs to the customer.

  • My credit/debit card was declined. What do I do?

For more information please contact Customer Service.

  • Are CBD products legal to purchase?

The legality of Cannabidiol derived from hemp is based on a 2004 unanimous ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which determined that the DEA “cannot regulate naturally-occurring THC not contained within or derived from cannabis classified as industrial hemp", i.e., non-psychoactive varieties determined to contain <0.3% by dry weight THC and classified as hemp are not included in Schedule I. The DEA has no authority to regulate drugs that are not scheduled.