VetsGrade® | Delta RX | Advanced Moisturizing Topical


Moisturize and protect your pet's skin with this organic super soft daily usage topical. VetsGrade Delta Rx is easy to apply to paws and noses as well as large areas of the skin and under those hard to reach folds and wrinkles.

  • Infused with USDA Certified oils and a proprietary Chamomile Extract to nourish and soothe irritated and dry skin.
  • For use on dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds. 


Ingredients: Organic Coconut (C. nucifera) Oil, Organic Jojoba (S. chinensis) Oil, Organic Hemp Seed (C. sativa) Oil, Organic German Chamomile (C. recutita) Extract, Stearic acid, Organic Extra Virgin Olive (O. europaea) Oil, Organic Niaouli (M. quinquenervia) Oil,  & Organic Rosemary (R. officinalis) Oil. 

Net Vol: 2 oz (56.7g)

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